Kristelle — Life is given once

1. Dramatic picture:
Your job and draggy wife-dull mixture,
You’re simple fixture…
How about a break?

Forget your routine,
Go on, leave aside haters’ hooting.
By firework shooting
Fight yourself and wake!

That’s why I came on
To the microphone!


Life is given once, so don’t be waiting
For a lucky chance to go above!
Never let them reave
And make you rough!
So love to live
And live to love!

2. You’re laughing,maybe,
But change yourself,and your shabby baby
Will turn to fabby
Beauty of a girl!

And all that vexes
Can vanish like the fairy hexes…
Delight reflexes-
Key to happy world!

That’s why I go on
At the microphone!


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