Kristelle, singer Kristelle
Kristelle charmed everybody with her performance! December the 5th was the date when Kristelle’ fans could hear her again!!!

Welcome to enjoy Kristelle’ voice on her next concerts!  😆

Kristelle, singer Kristelle

Unforgettable weekend in Apple Dj Cafe was hold on November 28 where Kristelle performed with the most popular compositions that left no one indifferent.

Kristelle, singer Kristelle

The Colorful show — Dancing Regional Competiton was opened in December, 2014. More than three hundred of the best dancers fought for «gold» in Sport and ballroom dancing ‘Visavi’  Open Cup. Of course, Kristelle was starring on the Grand Opening of that memorable show! Kristelle sang numerous international songs and was a little dimond symbol of the Competiton.

Kristelle singer, music kristelle

Kristelle has performed on the party devoted to the Birthday of ‘New Media Wave‘ Journal. It was a fancy-dress party in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fairy tail style ! 😛 Kristelle has sang numerous well-known songs and her DJ helped her to make that concert the greatest one!

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