One of the main achievements of a young singer Kristelle can be regarded her winning a bronze medal in the International Contest-Festival Constellation of Vienna, which took place in summer of 2006 in Austria. Kristelle represented the Russian town Tambov and had won the bronze medal.


The musical I will always be with you played a significant role in Kristelles life, and takes a particular place in her biography. Since 2008, she has featured Bertha and performed her aria, has performed the back-vocals parts of all the characters of the musical and has sung in duet with Olberth, the main male character. On the 14th-19th of March 2008, Kristelle was starring on the opening night of the musical. The rehearsals were very intense, and the preparations were tremendous. The performances have taken place two times a day within the period of 2 months. This is the way Kristelle adores to work! People queued for tickets from the early morning. The audience was responsive, always ready to burst into applause, which definitely made the actors happy. The author and the director of the musical is a well-known Tambov composer Andrew Pronin, who has been working with Kristelle and writing nice songs for her for the last few years.


The year 2009, brought Kristelle the victory in the elimination round among 3 000 participants from 17 countries all over the world and the participation in the semi-final of one of the most prestigious song competitions in Russia – the First International Competition of Young Singers of Popular Music  ‘New Wave Junior-2009′.


The panel of judges included the well-known composer Igor Krutoy, the popular rap singer Timati, the producer Eugene Orloff, and many other eminent figures of Russian and International showbiz.


One of the producers Eugene Orloff marked Kristelle in this competition and later invited her to take part in the broadcast  ‘All is adultly’ on the First Entertaining Russian Channel STS. As a guest, Kristelle performed with an authorial song, which was specially written for her on such an occasion.


Kristelle winnings  in Vocal Contests

In 2009, Kristelle took the 1-st place in  ‘Silver voice’, the Tambov local competition.


On the 10th of September, 2010, there was taking place the Brand New Stars contest (Media Production, SKEY-FILM), where Kristelle and Andrew Pronin were invited to represent a panel of judges.

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