On the 23rd of December, 2010, there was taking place the 5-th International Vocals Contest of Modern and Pop Music –  ‘Fair Music Skey’. Kristelle was again invited as an honorable member of the jury.


In the same December, Kristelle together with the composer Andrew Pronin recorded the authorial song Life in Given Once in one of the main professional sound studios in Moscow. Some time later, two more songs were recorded there – Real Love and Go Away, also composed by Andrew Pronin. In 2012, these three authorial songs brought Kristelle the contract for synchronization with Vital Music Company (Santa Monica, California, the USA), a sister company of Gotham Records.


In 2011, Kristelle successfully tried out for the quarter-final of the International Contest of Young Pop Singers  ‘New Wave-2011′ among more than 20 000 candidates. The try-out took place in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and Kristelle was the youngest participant among those invited. At that time, she was only 16 years old.


In March 2013 in Tambov, there took place the local students contest Student Spring-2013, in which Kristelle participated with a number of foreign songs. The victory in this stage of the competition gave Kristelle the opportunity to pass to the next round.


In the same March, the football tournament and then the concert in commemoration of the Russian actor Alexander Dedyushko took place at TSSKA Ice Palace in Moscow. Kristelle performed with the new song Say Good-bye, written for her by Andrew Pronin.


Got the Grand Prix of the city ‘Student Spring-2013′ contest.


Kristelle is a regular guest of the city and regional concerts on the club and theatre stages and  and a regular jury of city and regional Vocal competitions. Plays in ‘Bing-Bang’ jazz band on saxophone.  Kristelle is always gives interviews to CTC and other TV Channels after her concerts and performances.

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