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KRISTELLE is nominated as a ‘Vocalist of the Year 2013’ by New Wave Media journal

SUMMARY: Kristelle

The winner of the national and international competitions in Moscow, Ryazan, Sochi and Austria. Received a three-year contract to synchronize copyright singles in Mass Media with Vital Music Company (California, USA) in 2012.
The project and the single ‘Rising Sun’ with DJ Maffy and SJ Stone (Poland)

Participant in the semi-finals of the ‘New Wave 2009’ contest
Participant in the quarter-finals of the ‘New Wave Adult 2011’ contest


A guest singer on the channel STS -Moscow
A guest singer at a football tournament in memory of actor Dedyushko (Moscow, the Ice Palace)
A regional and Moscow events and celebrations’ guest.

She has recorded a number of  foreign songs such as ‘Life is given once’, ‘Real Love’ and ‘Go Away’ in the main record studio in Moscow (composer — Pronin A.) .
These singles have received the highest scores in the International competition ‘The UK Songwriting Contest’ ( London, UK) .

Student of pop-jazz department of Derzhavin University
The award ‘Grand Prix’ in Student Spring of 2013