In December 2012, there was again taking place the 5-th International Vocal Contest of Modern and Pop Music ‚Äď ‚ÄėFair Music Skey‚ÄĚ. And again Kristelle was invited to take part in it as a panel of judges.

In 2012, the three mentioned songs, recorded in the professional sound-studio in Moscow, brought Kristelle the contract for synchronization with Vital Music Company (Santa Monica, CA, the USA) (a part of Gotham Records).¬†It broadens horizons for Kristelle and gives her an opportunity to use the authorial songs (‘Real Love’, ‘Life is Given Once’, ‘Go away’)¬†in mass-media (ads, cinema, video-games, etc.).¬†

Kristelle, Kristellemusic

Kristelle took part in the program devoted to ‘The anti-stereotype’ project on¬†the STS Channel Tambov.

In 2011, Kristelle honorably performed at the International Festival Competition of Children and Youth (¬†‘Brotherhood’ )¬†in Sochi and brought a silver medal to the fund of her native town.