In March of the current year, the city students’ contest ‘Student Spring-2013’ took place in Tambov, Kristelle’s city of residence, where she participated with a number of foreign songs. The victory in this stage of the competition made it possible for Kristelle to enter the next round.

Follow Kristelle’s performance at the concert in the memory of the Russian Actor Alexander Dedyushko at TSSKA Ice Palace (Moscow, Russia) on the 30th of March.

In December 2012, there was again taking place the 5-th International Vocal Contest of Modern and Pop Music – ‘Fair Music Skey”. And again Kristelle was invited to take part in it as a panel of judges.

In 2012, the three mentioned songs, recorded in the professional sound-studio in Moscow, brought Kristelle the contract for synchronization with Vital Music Company (Santa Monica, CA, the USA) (a part of Gotham Records). It broadens horizons for Kristelle and gives her an opportunity to use the authorial songs (‘Real Love’, ‘Life is Given Once’, ‘Go away’) in mass-media (ads, cinema, video-games, etc.).