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Kristelle about the Antystereotype project

Journalist: Today we invite to our CTC Channel Studio Olga Merkushina- DeLuxe magazine Project Manager and Kristelle — one of the participants of the Antistereotype  project. Hello Olga and Kristelle

Kristelle and Olga: — Hello.

Journalist: — I received a message from the City Administration that the weekend event, named Antistereotip,  was held in the city. What can you tell us about that? I know that the DeLuxe magazine is  going to write about it, too. Olga, tell us more about it, please.

Olga: — In fact, this is not just an event, but  the big action, which started on April 15 and will last until July 15. We form the global bank of creative individualities. This idea came from Moscow producers, because the market Showbiz and TV industry is short of new images, new personalities, that is why they are started to be searched in the regions. There is an opportunity for everyone to become a television or a movie star, or just to have a photo shoot in the magazine.

Journalist: — Kristelle, and in which contest did you participate?

Kristelle: the most serious one was the «Constellation of Vienna» in Austria.

Journalist: Kristelle, and were you really involved there, too?

Kristelle: Yes, and I got the bronze medal there.

Journalist: Kristelle, so maybe you should start from abroad? Conquer there popularity, fame, and then come to Russia as already known star?

Kristelle: No, of course, I think you should start from your country, gain some experience. And Antistereotype project will help in that everyone who wants.

Journalist: Kristelle, let’s talk, why did you suddenly decide to participate in this project? What do you want to get from this project?

Kristelle: Well, first of all it is a great experience for me, and secondly, the antistereotype program gives an opportunity to find myself, to express myself, to show what I can do.

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