Kristelle, Kristellemusic

Kristelle about herself and her perticipation in the project.

Journalist: Kistelle, and what are your dreams?

Kristelle: My dreams? .. I have been singing since I was 9 years and working with composer Andrew Pronin, I think you know him.

Journalist: yes, yes, we know him.

Kristelle: Andrew Pronin was at the very beginning of my work, and I am very grateful to him and for all he does for me. So, my dream is to get  to the big stage.

Journalist: Kristelle, what concert venue attracts you more? Is that big stage?

Kristelle: the Olympic stage, not less.

Journalist: Kristelle, do you feel the fear that such aspects as fame and publicity can heavier your life?

Kristelle: I think you should always be yourself, and the most important thing is to do what you like. This is half the battle.

Journalist: And if everybody turned yours back upon?

Kristelle: Even in this case you need to go ahead, do not stop, through the tears, through all the emotions.

Journalist: and everything will be OK?

Kristelle: Yes, of course! I am committed to success in any way.

Journalist: Kristelle, and how to create your image in the photos? How did you get that idea?

Kristelle: I just wanted something bright, fun, festive, and the pictures just came out.

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