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On the 25th of April, there was taken place Kristelle‚Äôs performance at the concert within the frameworks of ‚ÄėStudent Spring-2013‚Äô district competition. Kristelle has won the bronze medal.¬†A great many people were engaged in the organizational process of such concerts.¬† Read more…

Kristelle - Life is given once

Kristelle — Life is given once

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Kristelle, Kristellemusic

Kristelle exclusive interview

Journalist: Welcome to STS-channel. This is the program ‘Nothing personal’, and we are Tanya and Kate. As usual, today we have a lot of issues of top priority for discussion, as well as interesting and talented people as guests. Read more…

Kristelle, Kristellemusic

Today, on the 28th of April, Kristelle together with the dancing group ‘Art-dance’ performed at the jubilee concert of the Honoured Artist of Russia Yury Tomilin. The concert took place in Tambov Drama Theatre.