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Kristelle about the Antystereotype project

Journalist: Today we invite to our CTC Channel Studio Olga Merkushina- DeLuxe magazine Project Manager and Kristelle — one of the participants of the Antistereotype  project. Hello Olga and Kristelle Read more…

Kristelle concert

Kristelle is heartily preparing for the concert, which will be held in her University on the 31th of May. The concert will be dedicated to the end of the academic year. This time Kristelle will not sing only, but play in a ‘Bing-Bang’ jazz band on saxophone, too. Wait for other news on the pages of Kristelle site.

Kristelle, Kristellemusic

On the 25th of April, there was taken place Kristelle’s performance at the concert within the frameworks of ‘Student Spring-2013’ district competition. Kristelle has won the bronze medal. A great many people were engaged in the organizational process of such concerts.  Read more…

Kristelle - Life is given once

Kristelle — Life is given once

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