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Andrew Pronin songs for Kristelle got the Victory

Some time ago the results of the ‘The UK Songwriting Contest’ were resumed in London. More than thousand composers from all over the world took part in that competition. Tambov composer Andrew Pronin became the Finalist of that International Music Contest.

Andrew Pronin, the composer of ‘Kristelle’ project and music author to ‘I`ll always be with you’ musical, (where Kristelle also took part, as we mentioned in our earlier news), presented his songs in several nominations. They were: ‘Modern’, ‘Popular’, Instrumental’, Rock-music and ‘R&B’ one.

The competiton jury: American composer and sound producer Richard Niles, producer Simon Ellis and others put 9 of 10 possible points for the ‘Go away’ composition, performed by Kristelle. Besides, he got the Semi-Finalist Certificate for the ‘Real Love’ song, composed for Kristelle, too.

As organizers tolled us, it is very hard to get marks above ‘5’ points. And if somebody gets ‘9’ points, it means well-deserved international recognition of professional level of the composer and the highest quality standards!

— Of course, I wanted to win, — says Andrew Pronin. — But getting such high ratings — it’s not just a victory, but a serious step to the future. Working on musicals and solo projects, I’ve always tried to focus on the world’s musical standards. And as you can see, it was worth it. I am pleased. I am grateful for this success to Aleksey Lukyanov and Elena Ephraim, who wrote English lyrics for my songs, and to singer Kristelle (‘Kristelle’ project). I am pleased that our collaboration brings such good results.